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It can be difficult to enjoy cleaning. While keeping your home clean is important for both comfort and health, we know more than most that a badly designed vacuum can make the task of cleaning your home far more painful than it has to be.

In fact, here at ROIDMI, we like to consider more than just the vacuum when considering the vacuum. In other words, in addition to designing a good looking and light-weight stick vacuum that offers outstanding performance, we’ve also focused on developing a series of super handy accessories for your vacuum to make your cleaning experience easy, painless and yes, indeed enjoyable!

Here are just some of the accessories and attachments available for our ROIDMI X20 NextGen  and ROIDMI S1E Elite vacuum cleaners.


Enjoy easy cleaning with fantastic accessories

Brushes for every occasion

There are many different surfaces in the average Aussie home. From tiles and carpet to linoleum and wooden floors… and that’s just the ground! We haven’t even mentioned the other parts and surfaces of the house that require regular cleaning.

ROIDMI vacuum cleaners come with multiple brushes included. This means that there’s an accessory for just about every application. Need to clean fabric upholstery on your couches or pillows? Want to clean the seats and floor in your car? Want to even suck the dust and debris from your laptop keyboard or fridge coils?

Yes, there’s a vacuum accessory for all of those!

Each brush is designed specifically to ensure accessibility and mobility for the particular application at hand. Apart from ensuring effective cleaning, it also makes for easier use and more ergonomic holding.


Vacuum and Mop

What could be easier than doing twice as much with half as much work? The ROIDMI X-20 comes with a detachable mop accessory included. This means that with the one product you can both vacuum and mop!

Switching the heads is incredibly easy and convenient, allowing you to move seamlessly throughout your house without having to double back on areas or switch annoyingly between different items.


Handheld Attachments

No one knows just how important an ergonomically designed vacuum is than the team at ROIDMI. That’s exactly why, in addition to our light-weight and easy to handle machine, we’ve also designed a series of attachments for handheld use

Whether you’re vacuuming the house or the car, there are more hard-to-reach places than you care to admit. Forget the days of breaking your back, twisting your arm, or pulling your calf muscles trying to get the dirt and food crumbs out of every crevice and corner. With a number of thoughtfully manufactured attachments, you’ll find switching between a floor stick vacuum to a handheld unit incredibly simple and cleaning easier than ever before.


Mattress Cleaner

How often do you vacuum your mattress? If the answer is not often, you’re not alone! Cleaning your own mattress can seem like a royal pain in the bedside but with our mattress-specific attachment it doesn’t have to be.


Easy to fit onto your vacuum and effective at clearing your mattress of dust, dirt, dead skin cells and more, it’s a must-have accessory for every home. In fact, while it is designed specifically for cleaning mattresses, it’s also more than effective for use on other similar surfaces as well, such as couch cushions, carpeted staircases and floor rugs.


Cleaning Tool

To keep your vacuum operating at maximum efficiency, we’ve got a number of maintenance tips and tricks. But that’s not all we offer. Every ROIDMI vacuum also comes with a little brush included in the box. This nifty little brush is for cleaning the vacuum itself.

Thanks to just how useful the X20 NextGen and S1E Elite vacuum cleaners are, you're sure to use it a lot! To keep your vacuum functioning at 100% efficiency, a quick clean using the Cleaning Brush Tool is hassle-free and easy.


Magnetic Wall Bracket

Both the S1 Elite and X20 NextGen come with small & discreet magnet wall brackets so that storing your stick vacuum out of the way is easy. Designed to complement the aesthetic of any home, you’ll hardly notice your vacuum or bracket is there but still will always know where to find it when you need it.

The magnetic wall bracket included with the ROIDMI X20 is designed to double as a charging device. Simply plug the charger into the magnetic wall bracket instead of the unit itself for wireless charging. Wireless charging of the vacuum means no messy cables and simple grab & go vacuuming.


Smart app

The ROIDMI X20 NextGen can be connected to your smartphone with our handy and all-in-one ROIDMI app. This application allows you to keep on top of your vacuum with seamless connectivity.

  • Battery monitoring - You can check the status of your vacuum’s battery power whenever you want, so you know when it’s charged and easy to go.
  • Cleaning time - Keeping a finger on the cleaning time of your vacuum is available at just the tap of your finger!
  • Dust cup capacity - Leave the guesswork behind by monitoring how full the dust cup is through the app.
  • Filter & Unit status - Does the filter need changing? Is there a problem with the unit? Simply open the app and check it for yourself!
  • Key information - From cleaning metrics to operation levels, our smart app is the smart (and easy) way to clean!


Explore our vacuum cleaners today

The ROIDMI vacuum cleaners are made by people who clean, for people who clean. That’s why we’re confident when we guarantee that you’ll find cleaning easier than ever thanks to our series of accessories, from handheld add-ons to different brush heads.

To explore our vacuum cleaners for yourself, or contact us with your enquiries, click here.


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