When it comes to housework and especially vacuum cleaning, it comes as no surprise that our customers are looking for the best machine available. After all, why wouldn’t you want the vacuum cleaner that can do it all and then some?

Nowadays, there are certainly a ton of options for vacuums. From shape and size to style and system, there are so many different choices it’s no wonder we get questions all the time as to what sort of vacuum is best.

So, when it comes to robotic vacuum cleaners, often referred to by the generic trademark ‘Roomba’, there’s a lot to consider. On the surface, it seems like an autonomous vacuum cleaner armed with sensors and programmed routines is a dream come true. But there are more than a few reasons why we recommend choosing a sophisticated and modern stick vacuum over a robot vacuum.

Benefits of using a Stick Vacuum over a Robot Vacuum

No Limitations

Robot vacuum cleaners are limited in both the scope and the quality of cleaning work. While the more up-market and modern models are certainly decked out with all the bells and whistles, these handy little auto-drones are still incapable of getting under, over, around and on top of the various different surfaces you need to clean around the home. A stick vacuum, on the other hand, has none of those limitations making it the far more usable option.


Robot vacuums are useful in the sense that they allow for light daily cleaning and maintenance of the home. But the power in your robot vacuum is just not going to hold up against a ROIDMI stick vacuum, for example. A traditional vacuum offers significantly more powerful suction without losing its lightweight design or cordless functionality. For heavy duty, thorough and deep cleaning around the house, your stick vacuum is the best bet.


Speed is important when it comes to cleaning. Both our S1E Elite and X20 Next Gen offer unrivalled efficiency. While a standard robot vacuum can take hours to clean your house, that is if it doesn’t get stuck, lost, or run out of battery in the meantime, while your stick vacuum can get the job done in a fraction of the time. Sure, you actually have to do the cleaning yourself but our ergonomically designed machines require absolutely minimum effort and make cleaning quicker and easier than ever before.


If your house is anything like ours, you’ve got more than one hard-to-reach or up-high spots that need the attention of your vacuum. Robot vacuums can’t make their way up stairs, into narrow crevices and gaps, or through doors. Let alone off the floor. A ROIDMI vacuum cleaner is designed with an ergonomic handle to reduce the burden of cleaning to an absolute minimum. Upholstery, countertops, mattresses… You name it, a stick vacuum can do it.


Robot vacuums can be really great when they work the way you want, when you want. A stick vacuum isn’t dependent on anything other than how you choose to use it. Whether you’re doing a wall-to-wall deep clean or just quickly tidying up a mess before those dinner guests arrive, your ROIDMI vacuum can work the way you need it to. Robot vacuums sure have some utility, but its flexibility is severely limited.


As of writing this article, there seems to be no robotic vacuum cleaner that autonomously maintains itself. Though, we admit, that would be cool. In the meantime, it’s up to you we’re afraid to clean and maintain the many moving parts of the robot cleaner, including the sweeping brushes, main brush and dustbin. Without rigorous and regular cleaning, your robot vacuum is just not going to clean efficiently. Maintenance of a stick vacuum is minimal and quick.  A simple handheld dustbin to empty out is just about all you need to worry about.

Quick Charge

A stick vacuum, such as ours, can fully charge in about two and a half hours. With 40-plus minutes of power time depending on the setting, and a handy magnetic wall bracket charger for easy and convenient storage, you’ll never be stuck without a vacuum. Most robotic vacuum cleaners, by contrast, take significantly longer to charge and offer considerably less periods of power.


At ROIDMI, we sure like our gadgets and once you check out what accessories are available to make your cleaning easier, we guarantee you will too! We’re not just talking about our brushes for all occasions, mop heads and handheld attachments. We’re talking magnetic wall brackets, specialised mattress cleaner, cleaning tools and even a connectable smartphone app. Our stick vacuums are designed to work for you.


ROIDMI Stick Vacuums

There is no need to take our word for it though. Feel free to check out either of our stick vacuums.

S1E Elite

The S1E Elite offers powerful, deep cleaning with no cord and no inconvenience. Great for hard floors and carpets alike, this soft velvet brush can work as hard as you can. Explore the S1E Elite today.

X20 Next Gen

The X2 Next Gen vacuum is twice as efficient as comparative models on the market. With one machine you can vacuum and mop easily. High power, long lasting better– this is one handy cleaner. Find out more about the X20 today.


Keep Your Home Clean with ROIDMI

At ROIDMI, we’re on a mission to infuse innovation and design, and our stick vacuums reflect exactly that. So, if you’d like to find out more about how our machines work or discuss the pros and cons of robot vacuums and stick vacuums, make sure to get in touch with us.  Free call us on 1800 656 444 or email info@roidmiaustralia.com.

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