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We’re nearing the end of Spring and heading into Summer, which means peak cleaning season (which we’ve covered before) is coming to an end as we shift our focus to Christmas shopping, beach visits and preparing our homes for the heat.

We do know though that cleaning isn’t just a once-a-year activity - and dust doesn’t stick to a schedule. Dust and dirt particles easily build up over the course of the year especially in high traffic homes with kids and pets.

To minimise cleaning, when we could be outside in the sun, ROIDMI’s vacuum cleaners are designed to make cleaning more efficient.

Read on to find out how ROIDMI vacuums can help you eliminate dust this summer with their powerful motors and filtration systems!

Behind Closed Doors

Whenever we think of dust and allergies, our minds automatically jump to Spring.

What we fail to take into account is that just like Winter, over Summer we normally have our homes sealed up tight - but rather than trying to keep the cold out, we’re trying to keep the cool air in. 

With doors and windows shut, we’re not just trapping cool air inside the house, we’re trapping dust too. With fans, air circulators and air conditioning systems blowing this cool air throughout our homes, it’s creating an ecosystem where dust can build up. 

That’s not something you want in any case, but it’s especially important to avoid if you’re someone prone to allergies that are triggered by dust and other airborne particles like pet dander.

Powerful Filtration

Traditionally, vacuum cleaners are designed to do one thing, and one thing only - suck up dust and dirt.

But to create this suction power, air has to be expelled from the unit: and for older vacuum cleaners this meant creating a backflow of dust out of the unit.

ROIDMI’s vacuum cleaners are different. They’re each designed with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter inside each unit to ensure all dust and dirt particles are properly captured, creating a highly filtered backflow of clean air. HEPA filters can effectively trap particles as tiny 0.3 of a micron, ensuring an incredible 99% air purification rate. 

The Particulars

ROIDMI S1E FiltersThe ROIDMI S1E Elite has four filters including a HEPA filter and a sponge which can absorb PM-O3 particles. Due to this advanced system, the ROIDMI S1E Elite helps eliminate over 99% of allergens and releases purified air.

ROIDMI X20 Filters

The ROIDMI X20 NextGen has a built-in double filter system, with a front and rear filter, including 6 layers of air filters. Thanks to this cutting-edge filtering mechanism, the X20 NextGen Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner disposes of allergens and dust mites and releases purified fresh air. 

So whether you’re interested in the  ROIDMI S1E Elite or the even more powerful ROIDMI X20 NextGen, you can say goodbye to dusty air, and make vacuuming your home a much safer cleaning experience.


Summer should be spent entertaining and enjoying life - not spent cleaning for any longer than you need to.

Not only does ROIDMI offer a powerful motor and an incredibly effective filtration system, but the X20 NextGen offers a range of features to make cleaning even easier - from a long lasting battery, cordless design, mop attachment and a wall charging system that means it’s ready to grab and go whenever you are.

Say goodbye to dust and hello to fun this summer, with ROIDMI.

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