Make Cleaning Quicker & Easier with ROIDMI X20

One Product. Twice As Efficient.


Let’s face it: cleaning can be a pain.

It can be a real (and literal) chore to clean your home each week - especially if you’re living in a large family home complete with kids and pets - so usually we feel incentivised to get it done as quickly as possible.

One surface throughout our homes that needs regular attention is our floor. Whether you’ve got carpet, hardwood, tiles or a combination of these (or other) flooring surfaces, vacuuming and mopping the whole home can take up time - especially if you want to do it effectively.

Fortunately, ROIDMI’s X20 NextGen is here to make cleaning even quicker and easier for you, with its dual vacuum and mop functionality.


Your New Favourite Couple

Vacuuming and mopping are no longer separate tasks.


ROIDMI’s X20 NextGen combines a powerful vacuum cleaner with a deep cleaning mop, creating your new favourite cleaning couple.


With two effective functionalities combined in the one single product, this allows you to be much more efficient with your cleaning, saving you time and allowing you to get back to relaxing at home with the family much quicker.

There’s also no fussing about trying to get everything attached. Switching between the vacuum and mop functionality is incredibly simple, with the mop head connecting magnetically to the unit, the bionic microfiber cloth a breeze to install, and the water tank module easy to attach when you’re ready to mop.

This makes the X20 much more cost effective for you too: rather than needing to purchase both a vacuum cleaner and mop separately, investing in a ROIDMI allows you to get the most for your money with a single (yet powerful) dual purpose product.


No Strings Attached

Don’t let cleaning hold you back any longer.

ROIDMI’s stylish cordless design means you’re not limited to the nearest power point. You can go after dirt wherever it’s hiding - making hard to reach places a thing of the past.

That also means no more power cables and awkward extension cords causing trip hazards or getting caught on furniture throughout the house, creating a much safer environment for you and your family as you move through your home cleaning.

A cordless design also means wireless charging: the magnetic, wall-mounted base quickly and conveniently charges the X20 while you’re not using it, so when you’re ready to pick it up again, it’s ready to go. Get up to 60 minutes of uninterrupted vacuuming and mopping, with 3 different power modes to choose from.


Multiple Brush Attachments

Of course, you’re not just limited to vacuuming your floors.

You can easily turn the ROIDMI X20 into a handheld vacuum cleaner by detaching it from the main unit.

With multiple brushes included in the box and armed with this extra mobility, you can tackle surfaces like fabric upholstery (couch, bedding, pillows), the interior of your car (floors, car seats), household furniture, and even getting hard to reach dust out of appliances like under laptop keyboard keys or fridge coils. 



The ROIDMI X20 is better than a single cleaning product - it’s two.

With its dual vacuum and mop functionality, cordless operation and multiple attachments - not to mention its powerful motor, sleek, stylish design and triple noise reduction upgrade - the ROIDMI X20 NextGen is well worth the investment for your home.

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