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Compliment Your Home’s Minimalist Style


Ever since those classic infomercials began in the 80s, mass consumerism really took off, with people buying things simply because they wanted them - not because they really needed them.

In recent times, as we’ve shifted to a society that spends more time within our homes, minimalism is being adopted more and more by consumers - and changing what attributes they demand from brands and products too.

What Is Minimalism? 

Minimalism is the practice of being more intentional with one’s purchases and belongings. While once a fairly niche concept, it’s been sharply brought into the spotlight through Netflix films and TV shows like The Minimalists and Marie Kondo.

This concept is not about ditching everything you own - it’s about making sure that what you buy and what you currently own is actually being used or brings you value (emotional, functional or otherwise). 

Minimalist Design. Maximum Cleaning.

So you might be thinking, what has this got to do with vacuums? 

Like many other modern products, ROIDMI’s vacuum cleaners have adopted a more minimalist design in order to better fit current consumer needs. 

Their cordless operation means no more unsightly cables trailing through the room and causing trip hazards, and their wall mounted charging station means you can simply hang it up when you’re done cleaning without having to find an odd spot in the corner of your laundry or in the back of an already cluttered cupboard.

Of course, minimalist designs don't have to mean minimalist cleaning. 

ROIDMI vacuum cleaners have long lasting batteries and powerful brushless motors that mean you’re getting unrivalled cleaning results from a surprisingly lightweight and compact design. All of this means you’re not just taking the stress out of cleaning - you’re removing the stress that a cluttered household brings too. 

Quality Over Quantity

Quality over quantity is a core tenet of minimalism - long term, it’s always worth investing in a single, high quality product rather than rotating through multiple cheap versions every couple of years that are just going to end up in a landfill.  

ROIDMI’s vacuums are built to keep on going, year after year. They’re also incredibly easy to clean and maintain with a 2 year warranty offered as standard with every purchase, so the only thing you need to worry about is which room to clean next.

Each ROIDMI vacuum cleaner comes with multiple attachments included in the box, with each one serving a specific purpose for your cleaning needs (say goodbye to random attachments that you have no idea how to use). 

This means you’re not limited to just cleaning your floors - you can even tackle surfaces like fabric upholstery (couch, bedding, pillows), the interior of your car (floors, car seats), household furniture, and even getting hard to reach dust out of appliances like under laptop keyboard keys or fridge coils.

Better yet? The ROIDMI X20 also comes with a mop head attachment and water tank, meaning you’re getting two cleaning products for the price of one!

If that’s not quality over quantity, we don’t know what is.

Minimalist Style 

Many people have adopted minimalism not just as a practice or for decluttering, but as a particular style of interior design for their home. 

ROIDMI’s award-winning, sleek designs are perfectly suited to fit in with the minimalist styles of modern, contemporary homes, with their neutral colour schemes chosen to compliment the other smart home devices that are already integrated into each space. 

For smaller homes and apartments where storage space is limited, having your vacuum cleaner wall mounted is a much better option, acting as decor - not an eyesore.


If you’re someone who’s interested in minimalism, prefers a minimalist style, or are simply looking to invest in higher quality products that are going to offer much more value to you long-term, then look no further than ROIDMI.

Find the perfect vacuum cleaner for your home or space today.
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