ROIDMI X20 NextGen Testing From The GADGETS-REVIEWS Team

Roidmi Australia
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I like things to be clean, but I do not like to clean up. Big vacuums annoy me as they are heavy, need to be assembled and disassembled, and I have to drag them from the storage.

Being bulky, it needs to be hidden somewhere as this kind of device does not actually look like an object of modern art to place it in the kitchen and feast your eyes on it all day long :). What drives me nuts is a long cord getting tangled all the time. I have to carry it with me throughout the house, being tied to the socket. Heaviness and slowness are also annoying.

Anyway, every time I have to clean up crumbs in the kitchen, messes from kids or pick up hair left by my two cats, I get mildly depressed.

And now, I have got the ROIDMI X20 smart stick vacuum. READ MORE...


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ROIDMI Australia

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