Spring Cleaning With ROIDMI

Get Your Home Looking Fresh Again.


Spring is here!

With a fresh new season upon us - and bringing with it some long awaited sunshine - it’s the perfect opportunity for a spot of spring cleaning. After a winter of being cooped up inside a stuffy house in front of the TV, it’s time to throw open the windows, air out the house and get to work on making the place look fresh again.

With so many rooms and surfaces to tackle (and lots of built up dust and dirt in hiding) you want to make cleaning smarter, not harder - and ROIDMI is here to help you do just that.


Your Floor’s Best Friend

When it comes to collecting dust and dirt, our floors are pros.

While it’s easy to quickly run a vacuum over the carpet and flooring that we walk over most often, it’s the areas we can’t see that are worth tackling during a deep spring clean. If you’re pulling forward pieces of furniture to clean behind them, you’re likely going to see a deep build up of dust and dirt that needs some powerful attention. Fortunately, ROIDMI’s vacuum cleaners feature formidable suction power with up to 120,000rpm, so you can clean these areas fast.

The ROIDMI X20 is even equipped with a light-sensitive LED bar that automatically lights up in low light to illuminate any dark areas. This makes it harder for dirt to hide, and easier for you to clean those hard-to-reach places.


Keeps On Rolling

While it’s most common to use a vacuum to clean carpeted areas, it’s not limited to that one surface.

The ROIDMI S1E Elite’s soft velvet brush has been specifically designed for hybrid cleaning, meaning it easily tackles dirt on hard floors and carpets alike - and keeps on rolling.

And even better yet, the ROIDMI X-20 features an easily detachable mop - meaning you get two impressive cleaning products for the incredible price of one.

Switching between the vacuum and mop functionality is also incredibly simple, with the mop head connecting magnetically to the unit, so you can clean how you want, when you want with absolute ease.


No Strings Attached

If you’re spring cleaning your whole house, the last thing you want to be doing is constantly plugging and unplugging in power plugs, or running extension cords throughout multiple rooms and getting tangled around furniture as you go.

ROIDMI’s cordless and lightweight design makes it easier than ever to clean your home without having to worry about anything else. It also eliminates the risk of you or family tripping over tangled and unnecessary power cables - meaning a safer and uninterrupted cleaning experience for everyone.

The cordless action doesn’t stop there. With a magnetic, wall-mounted charging base, the ROIDMI X20 quickly and conveniently re-charges - so when you’re ready to clean, it’s ready to grab and go: no strings attached.


Multi-Surface Cleaning

Of course, cleaning your home means more than just cleaning your floors. 

With multiple brush attachments included in the box, the ROIDMI X20 can be used for cleaning other surfaces like sofas and mattresses - meaning you can clean more than just the floor. You can even tackle surfaces with hard to reach nooks (like keyboards and drawers) by switching to the attachments designed for handheld use for added mobility.

These attachments also make cleaning your vehicle a breeze, so you can get out any dust and dirt that was trekked in over winter - not to mention any dropped food crumbs from the kids in the back seat.



ROIDMI’s X20 NextGen and S1E Elite vacuum cleaners are built to make cleaning as simple and effortless as possible, so you can make spring cleaning a breeze. Get your home looking fresh again with ROIDMI.

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