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Vacuuming and Mopping synchronised. One Product. Twice As efficient. Vacuum Mop Combo. 120,000rpm Brushless motor. 65 min battery life. Magnetic Wireless Charger. Air-X air-dust separation system. 5-year warranty on motor....

Vacuuming and Mopping synchronised.

One Product. Twice As efficient.
  • Vacuum Mop Combo.
  • 120,000rpm Brushless motor.
  • 65 min battery life.
  • Magnetic Wireless Charger.
  • Air-X air-dust separation system.
  • 5-year warranty on motor.
  • 2-year warranty on components.


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    Enjoy cleaning again with the ROIDMI X20 NextGen

    The ROIDMI X20 NextGen Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner transcends the barrier of vacuuming by adding a removable mop which helps clean the floor after vacuuming. Cleaning has never been simpler! 


    Engine-X Digital brushless motor 120,000 revolutions per minute 30% increase of stronger suction power

    A new generation of Engine-X Digital brushless motors with up to 120,000 revolutions per minute, combined with an innovative direct air dust design which steadily output 145AW suction power and 25,000Pa vacuum air pressure.



    Built-in APP

    Connect your ROIDMI X20 cordless vacuum cleaner to your mobile phone via Bluetooth then you can check the host power, cleaning time, dust-filled reminder, filter change and other information through the ROIDMI APP. The calorie consumption index will be displayed on APP and help you to achieve the optimal cleaning experience.



    Charge your X20 NextGen cordlessly

    The Roidmi X20 NextGen magnetic stand includes a cordless magnetic charging system. When you place your Roidmi on the magnetic stand, it will be begin to charge, that easily.


    High-performance battery

    The new generation of battery management systems, BMS-X, is optimised with 8-cell LG/Samsung lithium batteries, which intelligently extends the battery life of the host. The stick vacuum cleaner sends notifications to your device via the mobile app to indicate the status of the battery and alert you of any issues with the host.



    It can be turned into a handheld vacuum cleaner

    The Roidmi X20 NextGen is easily turned into a handheld vacuum cleaner, weighing only 1.5 kg, which helps clean more specific and localised areas, such as the sofa, bedding covers and car upholstery.


    Easily vacuum carpet or vacuum and wet clean hard floors simultaneously


    6 layer filtration, 99% purification rate

    The Roidmi X20 NextGen has a built-in double filter system, with a front and rear filter, including 6 layers of air filters. Thanks to this cutting-edge filtering mechanism, the X20 NextGen Smart Cordless Vacuum Cleaner disposes of allergens and dust mites and releases purified fresh air. 


    Triple noise reduction upgrade

    The Engine-X brushless motor eliminates high frequency jarring noise, avoiding unpleasant loud noises for pets. The second air-x duct is optimised with noise cancels out and neutralises each other. The third post-filter blocks further noises.   

    Light-sensitive LED light

    Now, cleaning is easier that ever. The brush is equipped with an automatic light-sensitive LED light to avoid any dead angles. The light sensor automatically turn on the light to illuminate under the bed, sofa and any dark corners. 


    Power and design

    The Roidmi vacuum cleaners combine elegance with innovation, applying minimalism as a concept. Thanks to that, they have received major design awards, such as the Red Dot Award and German iF Award.
    X20 NextGen is world's first smart vacuum with mop awarded with 6 International Design Awards. 



      • Multi-function brush
      • Power adapter
      • High efficiency filtration + rear filter
      • Cleaning brush
      • Wall mount charging deck
      • Extension hose
      • Mattress brush
      • Water Tank Module


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