Focus on deep cleaning

Powerful Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

Vacuum Degree

Suction Power

Long Battery

Long-lasting battery, powerful suction.

With a battery life of 40 minutes, when used in standard mode, the S1E Elite offers a safe and durable performance. The enhanced mode provides 10 minutes of optimal suction for the more difficult cleaning tasks. Recharge takes 2.5 hours to ensure your home is clean, every time.


standard mode


enhanced mode

New hybrid brush, designed for carpets and floors.

The integrated soft velvet brush has been designed specially for cleaning hard floors, the soft fibre on the roller also helps to clean and polish wooden floors.

No hair wrap, easy to clean.

The vacuum head is a smooth round surface designed to avoid hair being wrapped around the brush. The innovative comb design will reduce hair entanglement and the rapid rotation of the brush will ensure all dust and debris is thrust into the chamber.

Light-weight brushless motor.

The brushless DC digital motor has a speed of up to 80,000 RPM and a power of up to 300W. With an effective suction power of up to 90W, the S1E Elite delivers a long-lasting and strong performance.


light-weight brushless DC digital motor


machine power


suction power

Good looking, light-weight, outstanding performance.

The light-weight (1.3kgs) and ergonomic handle design reduces the burden of cleaning. When the body of the S1E Elite is at a 45degree angle to the ground, the handle adjusts the weight of the motor and the battery to easily cope with all cleaning tasks. 
Convenient one touch controls adjust the suction mode to ensure easy and effortless operation - no need to hold down any buttons while you clean.

Signature multi-stage cyclone dust system and suction technology.

Roidmi's combination of its signature multi-stage cyclone dust system with high-power brushless DC motor can generate a cyclone suction at 950L/min of air volume when is used in enhanced mode. S1E Elite, optimised with noise reduction technology for more comfortable use around the house, as low as 83dB (A).  


$499.00 $249.00 50%
Good looking and outstanding performance. 1.3kg lightweight design. 80,000rpm Brushless motor. 40 min battery life. Magnetic wall bracket. Multiple filters system, effectively absorb 0.3 micro particles....

S1E Elite additional information:

Rated voltage: 22.2V
Total fixed power: 300W
Battery capacity: 2200mAH/48Wh
Product size: 1191 x 259 x 158mm
Charging limit voltage: 25.8V
Charging time: 2.5 hours
Product weight: 1.3 kg
Canister capacity: 0.4L
Endurance time: 40 min
E-brush R.Power: 35W
Noise: 83dB(A)
Colour: Moon Grey


Vacuum cleaner won't turn on by pressing the power button.
A1: To start the vacuum, you need to press and hold the power button for more than 2 seconds to start. 
B1: The vacuum cannot be started due to insufficient battery life. Please recharge and try after the charging is complete.
Vacuum cleaner won't turn off by pressing the power button.
A2: Press and hold the power button for 1-2 seconds to turn off.
In which scenarios are each accessory used?
A3: Soft velvet roller brush in the power head: suitable for cleaning hard floors such as; floor tile, laminate, vinyl and hardwood floors in homes. Two-in-one multi-function brush: Multi-function brush is suitable for cleaning all kinds of dust such as; upholstery, furniture, and electronics. Removing the brush creates a crevice tool, suitable for cleaning narrow places such as; doors and windows sills, dead corners of stairs, sofa gaps and more.
How long does it take to fully charge?
A4: Under normal use, it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge.
How long can the vacuum operate after being fully charged?
A5: The vacuum cleaner S1E uses 6 x 2200mAh 18650 lithium batteries. In enhanced power mode, the run time is up to 10 minutes and in standard power mode, the run time us up to 40 minutes. Operating time can vary in different usage environments and years of use.
What is the standby time after being fully charged?
A6: The vacuum cleaner S1E draws a low power consumption. After being fully charged, it can still start after being left for more than six months.
Adapter working voltage range.
A7: The power adaptor is type I, which is the plug that has three flat pins in a triangular pattern. Australia operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.
The charging head doesn't plug into the vacuum cleaner.
A8: The charger is specially developed for this vacuum. In order to prevent damage due to incorrect insertion, the charging plug has a unique shape. It is recommended that you observe the orientation of the charging plug and the charging port on the vacuum and insert it after lining up the plug and port.
Is there an APP for the S1E?
A9: There is no APP for this product.
Can I connect the S1E to Bluetooth?
A10: This product does not have Bluetooth.
How to attach the dust cup? How do I clean it?
A11: Please follow the instructions on the front of the machine, press the dust cup release button, keep the body steady with one hand, and take the dust cup with the other hand. After the dust cup is removed, you can open and close the dust cup cover according to the side prompts to dump out the debris. If the cup is not clean, or for a more thorough cleaning, you can take out the filter element and clean it from the opening of the dust cup.
Does the filter element need cleaning?
How do I clean it?
A12: When the filter element has been used for more than 30 hours, you need to replace / clean the filter element to achieve improved performance and avoid damage to the vacuum by restricting air flow. Refer to the product manual for filter replacement and cleaning methods. For easy cleaning, we have a special cleaning brush for cleaning.
What is the sound level? How noisy it is?
A13: This product has two performance levels, standard and enhanced. In enhanced power mode, the noise is slightly higher than the standard mode at approximately 72dB(a), but all meet the national industry standard requirements and have passed strict testing by third-party laboratories.
How strong is the exhausted air during use?
A14: In order to ensure a strong suction force, the powerful motor needs the air outlet to maintain a sufficient air output. It is recommended to use standard mode in daily cleaning to lower the amount of exhausted air.
The floor power head motor does not rotate,
main motor does not rotate?
A15: Insufficient battery life will cause the motor not to rotate. It is recommended that you plug the vacuum in until it is completely charged and restart the vacuum; 
B15: It may not be able to rotate because the roller brush of the electric power head is blocked. Please check whether the power head is blocked by foreign objects. If so, please remove the roller brush, clean it and the power head and restart the vacuum.
The roller brush is tangled with hair.
A16: If hair is entangled around the roller, you can use the blade on the included small brush to remove it.
How do you clean the roller brush in the electric power head?
A17: On the bottom of the power head, lift the orange tab, and after the pressure block pops up, gently pry the roller brush with your fingers to remove it. When cleaning any hair from the roller brush, it is recommended to use a blade on the included small brush to remove it.
When does the light on the front of the S1E electric floor power head come on?
A18: The S1E does not have a LED light sensitive light.
What is the function of each button on the main unit?
A19: At the front of the handle is the power switch and the power mode button. Press and hold for more than 2 seconds to turn on or off the machine. The button on the rear of the handle change the power mode. You can switch between standard mode and enhanced mode.
How do you store the vacuum cleaner?
A20: A specially designed magnetic wall base can be mounted with screws into the wall, or using the adhesive pad. You can also break it down and put it in the original box for storage.
Can the vacuum cleaner be plugged in
and charging while using it?
A21: No, if you try to turn on the machine while it is connected to the charging cable and plugged into the wall outlet, the machine will automatically shut down.
How many speeds/power modes dies the S1E have?
A22: This product has two speeds; enhanced and standard. The standard mode can meet the regular daily household cleaning needs and suitable for hard floor surfaces and low-pile carpets. You can switch to the enhanced mode for heavier amounts of debris and deeper cleaning on carpets.
What is the warranty policy?
A23: We strictly follow the relevant national laws and regulations to offer a limited parts and labour warranty on the whole machine for two years. The motor has a limited warranty for 5 years. All filters and consumable parts and not guaranteed.

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