2 in 1 Vacuum and Mop

Vacuuming and Mopping are no longer separate tasks.

2-in-1 Mop and vacuum combination

Save time and do both at once.

120,000 rpm Engine-X digital brushless motor

Powerful suction.

Magnetic wireless charging technology

Ready to grab and go.

Air-X dust and air separation

Multi-level cyclonic technology.

60 minutes long battery life

Long enough to vacuum and mop 420 sq metres.

6-layers filtration

99% Purification rate.

Versatile 2-in-1 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner and Mop.

Keeping your floors clean can seem like a difficult task - first you have to vacuum them thoroughly and then wash them with a mop. However, as it turns out, the two can be successfully combined. The innovative, cordless Roidmi X20 NextGen, which weighs only 1.5 kg and has a 160 ml water tank, is the best example of this. It will vacuum and wash the floor at the same time!

99% efficient mites removal.

Indoor dust may contain allergens such as dust mites, dead skin cells, pet dander, pollen and more. Roidmi X20 electric mattress brush is driven by an independent motor at 3,500rpm helping to go deep into the bedclothes. The soft wool top of the brush absorb insects, dandruff, hair by the roller mechanism action.

Magnetic wirelesscharging technology.

Roidmi X20 is conveniently operated with a few buttons. It's just as easy to charge the device - simply mount it on the supplied magnetic holder connected to the wireless charger. Roidmi X20 is designed for your convenience - trouble-free operation will make cleaning a joyous experience.

No more blind spots to clean.

The extremely sensitive light sensor also facilitates cleaning. When you clean dark areas, such as areas under furniture or corners that are difficult to reach, it immediately switches on the brush-mounted LEDs. This means that even the smallest amount of dirt will not hide from you - it's easy to find and vacuum.

Intelligent APP. Take control of your cleaning.

To make your life even easier, Roidmi X20 can be connected into a special application. With this application you can check the status of the battery, filter, dust container, operating time and much more. This gives you full control over your device and optimises its operation.

ROIDMI X20 NextGen

$799.00 $399.00 50%
Vacuuming and Mopping synchronised. One Product. Twice As efficient. Vacuum Mop Combo. 120,000rpm Brushless motor. 65 min battery life. Magnetic Wireless Charger. Air-X...


Vacuum cleaner won't turn on by pressing the power button.
A1: To start the vacuum, you need to press and hold the power button for more than 2 seconds to start. 
B1: The vacuum cannot be started due to insufficient battery life. Please recharge and try after the charging is complete.
Vacuum cleaner won't turn off by pressing the power button.
A2: Press and hold the power button for 1-2 seconds to turn off.
In which scenarios are each accessory used?
A3: Soft velvet roller brush for the power head: suitable for cleaning hard floors such as; floor tile, laminate, vinyl and hardwood floors in homes. Carbon fiber roller brush for the power head: suitable for cleaning long-pile carpets. Two-in-one multi-function brush: Multi-function brush is suitable for cleaning all kinds of dust such as; upholstery, furniture, and electronics. Removing the brush creates a crevice tool, suitable for cleaning narrow places such as; doors and windows sills, dead corners of stairs, sofa gaps and more. Flexible Extension hose is for cleaning hard-to-reach blind spots.
How long does it take to fully charge?
A4: Under normal use, it takes about 2.5 hours to fully charge.
How long can the vacuum operate after being fully charged?
A5: The vacuum cleaner X20 uses 8 x 2500mAh 18650 lithium batteries. In max power mode, the run time is up to 10 minutes, in enhanced power mode, the run time is up to 40 minutes and in standard power mode, the run time us up to 65 minutes. Operating time can vary in different usage environments and years of use.
What is the standby time after being fully charged?
A6: The vacuum cleaner X20 draws a low power consumption as the Bluetooth is always on. Standby time can vary. After being fully charged, it can still start after being left for more than a month. Electronics with lithium ion batteries are recommended to be charged after 3 months of standby time.
Adapter working voltage range.
A7: The power adaptor is type I, which is the plug that has three flat pins in a triangular pattern. Australia operates on a 230V supply voltage and 50Hz.
The charging head doesn't plug into the vacuum cleaner.
A8: The charger is specially developed for this vacuum. In order to prevent damage due to incorrect insertion, the charging plug has a unique shape. It is recommended that you observe the orientation of the charging plug and the charging port on the vacuum and insert it after lining up the plug and port.
Is there an App for the X20?
A9: This product can work normally without the APP. For detailed set-up, you can refer to the instruction manual. Using the APP is to better understand the working status and power of the vacuum cleaner.
Can the X20 connect to Bluetooth when the vacuum is off?
A10:Yes, the vacuum is always connected to Bluetooth to monitor the charging status and other statistics. If you wish to turn it off, press and hold the power button and performance mode button for more than 3 seconds. The blue light flashes and the unit will fully power down.
Vacuum cleaner does not connect to Bluetooth.
A11:1. The vacuum cleaner has shut down. There are three reasons: (1)The vacuum cleaner battery is too low and automatically shuts down (2)User manually shut down the vacuum cleaner (3)Automatic shut down due to abnormal conditions of the vacuum cleaner. If you want to reactivate the vacuum cleaner, manually turn the vacuum cleaner on and off using the power button 2. The vacuum cleaner is connected to other devices, you can check whether the Bluetooth connection light of the vacuum cleaner is lit. 3. The Bluetooth connection is having an abnormality. Restart the Bluetooth and APP, or fully power off the vacuum cleaner and restart.
How to attach the dust cup? How to do I clean it?
A12: When the filter element has been used for more than 30 hours, you need to replace / clean the filter element to achieve improved performance and avoid damage to the vacuum by restricting air flow. Refer to the product manual for filter replacement and cleaning methods. For easy cleaning, we have a special cleaning brush for cleaning.
Does the HEPA filter element need cleaning? How do I clean it?
A13: When the filter element has been used for more than 10 hours, you need to replace / clean the filter element to achieve improved performance and avoid damage to the vacuum by restricting air flow. Refer to the product manual for filter replacement and cleaning methods. For easy cleaning, we have a special cleaning brush for cleaning.
How often do you replace the rear filter element?
A14: Replace the rear filter element according to the conditions of the environment. It should minimally be replaced after one year in a standard environment and 6 months in a dirtier environment.
What is the sound level?
A15: This product has three performance levels, standard, enhanced and max. The noise levels are: max 79dB(a) / enhanced 77dB(a)/ standard 72dB(a) All meet the national industry standard requirements and have passed strict testing by third-party laboratories.
How strong is the exhausted air during use?
A16: In order to ensure a strong suction force, the powerful motor needs the air outlet clear to maintain a sufficient air output. It is recommended to use standard mode in daily cleaning to lower the amount of exhausted air.
The floor power head motor does not rotate, main motor does not rotate
A17: A: Insufficient battery life will cause the motor not to rotate. It is recommended that you plug the vacuum in until it is completely charged and restart the vacuum; B: It may not be able to rotate because the roller brush of the electric power head is blocked. Please check whether the power head is blocked by foreign objects. If so, please remove the roller brush, clean it and the power head and restart the vacuum.
The roller brush is tangle with hair.
A18:  If hair is entangled around the roller, you can use the blade on the included small brush to remove it.
How do you clean the roller brush in the electric power head?
A19: On the bottom of the power head, lift the orange tab, and after the pressure block pops up, gently pry the roller brush with your fingers to remove it. When cleaning any hair from the roller brush, it is recommended to use a blade on the included small brush to remove it.  
When does the light on the front of the X20 electric floor power head come on?
A20: When the light is dim, the front LED light of the electric floor power head turns on automatically and controls the light brightness according to the light level.
What is the function of each button on the main unit?
A21: At the front of the handle is the power switch and the power mode button. Press and hold for more than 2 seconds to turn on or off the machine. The button on the rear of the handle change the power mode. You can switch between standard mode and enhanced mode. After the normal shutdown, Bluetooth can be connected normally. You can check the parameters such as battery level and estimated charging time on the mobile phone or tablet. If you need to completely shut down, you need to press the power button and the shift button at the same time for more than 3 seconds. The blue light flashes and shuts down normally.
How do you store the vacuum cleaner?
A22: A specially designed magnetic wall base can be mounted with screws into the wall, or using the adhesive pad. The X20 will start charging atuomatically when magnetically connected and the wall base is plugged into an outlet. You can also break it down and put it in the original box for storage.
What are the size specifications of the magnetic wall base screws?
A23: The screws are ST4 * 8
Can the vacuum cleaner be plugged in the charging while using it?
A24: No, if you try to turn on the machine while it is connected to the charging cable and plugged into the wall outlet, the machine will automatically shut down.
How many speeds/power modes does the X20 have?
A25: This product has three speeds; max (435W), enhanced (120W) and standard (60W). The standard mode can meet the regular daily household cleaning needs and suitable for hard floor surfaces and low-pile carpets. You can switch to the enhanced or max modes for heavier amounts of debris and deeper cleaning on carpets. You may also control the power level through the APP.
What is the warranty policy?
A26: We strictly follow the relevant national laws and regulations to offer a limited parts and labour warranty on the whole machine for two years. The motor has a limited warranty for 5 years. All filters and consumable parts and not guaranteed.
Discharge indicator time: The total time of the first 3 battery lights of the enhanced mode is too short, running for only 2min-4min, and the last light is lit for more than 5min. Is this normal?
A27: The X20 is designed like this. The product’s enhanced power block has a power protection function to extend the last warning light to give you time to switch modes or finish the job. When the battery is finally low, the indicator will flash.
The enhanced power block will be charged immediately after the battery is discharged, and the displayed power will be >25%, after charging for a period of time, the available power will be displayed at >50%.
A28: This is a false power phenomenon of lithium batteries, which is more or less common in electronic products currently using lithium batteries. It is recommended to plug in the power supply and charge until fully charged.
Can brushes be washed with water?
A29: The new generation soft rolling brush is made of Nanoscale hydrophobic fiber which is waterproof, anti-fouling and self-cleaning. It will not collapse and can be spun dry easily.
How is the water tank of the vacuum cleaner used? How often is the mop replaced? How big us the water tank? How much space can you mop in a full tank of water?
A30: The capacity of the water tank is 160ml (5.4oz). The cleaning capacity of one tank is about 20-40 square meters (215-430 sq ft) depending on the dirt level and floor type.
The role of the small sponge in the air inlet of the main unit.
A31: It blocks large particles of dirt from entering and it cannot be removed.
Error code comparison table:
Error code Meaning: 
E3-1 Single battery disconnected during charging
E3-2 Communication error of battery management chip
E3-3 Charging NTC open / short
E3-4 Battery management chip communication abnormal during discharge
E3-5 Discharge single battery disconnected
E3-6 Discharge NTC open / short
E3-7 Motor stalled
E3-8 Main motor error

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